Semi-Automatic Pallet Unloader

The Model 110 semi-automatic pallet unloader is a rugged, competitively priced system, designed for slower speed lines.
Model 110

Bulk Depalletizer - High & Low Level

These machines offer quiet and smooth operation by employing VFD drives throughout the machine. State of the art control systems allow CHSC depalletizers to meet high production rates with operator friendly programming

Bulk Gaylord/Tote Dumper and Dumper Systems

CHSC offers gaylord/tote dumpers and complete automatic gaylord/tote handling systems for effective plastic bottle handling that will meet the requirements of most any high speed filling line.
CHSC Dumper

Table and Mat Top Chain Conveyor Systems

CHSC offers a wide variety of table top chain conveyors and mat conveyor systems. All conveyor equipment is custom built to specific layouts and customer specifications. Conveyor equipment is fabricated, assembled and fitted to assure a quality installation.
Conveyors Mat Top

Air Deck Conveyor

Ideal for empty aluminum beverage cans, oblong plastic containers, plastic lids, small boxes and various other containers. CHSC air deck allows containers to travel on a layer of air by lifting the containers with a designed pattern of small lifting holes.
Air Deck Conveyor

“Zone Touch” Zero Pressure Table Top Conveyor

The Zone Touch™ case conveyor system is designed to handle cases safely without the use of rollers. This system offers more up-time than conventional roller and fabric belt systems by using table top chain throughout the system.
Zero pressure conveyor

Cable Conveyor Systems

Cable conveyor systems are ideal for conveying metal cans, composite cans and empty plastic containers. An economical method of conveying while offering performance and efficiency.
Cable Conveyor

Pressureless Single Filer

Pressureless single filers have become the most effective method to single file empty and filled containers. Round plastic and metal containers at speeds up to 1200 BPM and the ability to single file irregular and non-round containers as well.
Single filer

Bi-Directional and In-Line Flow Accumulation Tables

CHSC accumulation tables and systems are custom designed and fabricated to customer layouts and specifications. Rugged construction to hold the loads they are designed for.
Bi Directional conveyors

Gravity Rinsing Equipment

Gravity can be used when there is ample elevation difference from an overhead conveyor to the filler infeed.
Gravity Rinsers

Side Grip Lowerator Rinsers

Lowerator rinsers are used for irregular and non-round containers. Containers from an overhead conveyor to the filler infeed are lowered and inverted with 180º.
Side grip rinser

Full Can Water Washing Equipment

Two stage full can washer is an ideal method of washing containers after they are filled to minimize contaminates entering process systems.
Full can rinser

Side Grip Elevators/Lowerators

For plastic and non-round containers
Side grip lowerator

Vacuum Elevators/Lowerators

For aluminum cans, available in single lane or mass conveying


For empty and filled steel cans
Magnetic lowerator elevator

Belt Elevators/Lowerators

For slow speed empty can conveying

Spiral Mass Conveyor

A space saving conveyor to elevate or lower containers while being conveyed in a mass condition.
Spiral conveyor

Servo Laners

The CHSC Lane Divider is a servo controlled divider that will take one lane of product and discharge the product into multiple lanes.
Servo laner

Powder Filling Equipment

A complete range of auger and volumetric filling equipment for dry powders, granulars and flakes from our sister company, Nalbach Engineering.
powder fillers

Bottle Unscrambling & Orienter Equipment

A complete range of bottle unscramblers and orientors for the sorting of a wide range of rigid container shapes including rounds, ovals, squares and rectangles from our sister company, Nalbach Engineering.
unscramblers and orienters