Bulk Gaylord/Tote Dumper and Dumper Systems

CHSC offers gaylord/tote dumpers and complete automatic gaylord/tote handling systems that can be coupled to Nalbach Engineering’s NECOSORT unscramblers for an effective plastic bottle handling system that will meet the requirements of most any high speed filling line.

Filled gaylord/totes are accumulated on powered roller/chain conveyors that feed the dump hopper. Gaylord/tote automatically advances to the dump hopper upon demand. Dump hoppers are operated by a heavy duty hydraulic system for smooth controlled dumping of containers into an unscrambler. Pneumatic operated wings in the dump hopper keep the gaylord/tote in place while dumping and reduce spillage of containers. Dump hoppers are equipped with powered infeed conveyors and pneumatic side panels to discharge the empty gaylord/totes where they can be stored on accumulation conveyors before being removed.